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Box 018, Introducing Lost Years Rum

Lost Years is the spirits brand with a purpose – a range of exceptional, multi-award-winning rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles.

Every year thousands of newly hatched sea turtles scurry across tropical beaches and disappear beneath the waves.

They won’t be seen again for up to a decade.

Where they go during these ‘lost years’ is one of nature’s great mysteries, but what we do know is that these ancient creatures are today in danger of extinction and, without our help, could soon be lost forever.

Every drop of Lost Years rum sold saves baby sea turtles by funding community-based conservation at key nesting sites across the Caribbean & Latin America.  So far we’ve saved more than 35,000, but with your help we’ll save over one million in the next few years!

Lost Years Four Island



Lost Years Four Island is a union of world-class single estate rums made from two different base ingredients, molasses and fresh sugar cane juice.

It’s a marriage of three wonderful barrel-aged rums – an eight-year-old rum from the legendary Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, a five-year-old from the Dominican Republic and a two-year-old pot still rum from a multi-award-winning estate in Jamaica.

The result is a core blend that’s classically Caribbean: fruity and aromatic with juicy notes of tropical fruit, combined with the warm smokiness that comes from those years spent in lightly charred barrels previously used for maturing bourbon.

To this wonderful combination, they’ve then added the x-factor – a ’punch’ of authentic unaged Rhum Agricole from Guadeloupe – to bring a vibrant and grassy freshness to the blend. 

This unrivalled blend offers the best of both worlds – a luxurious amber liquid that combines the rich woody flavours of great aged rum, with the fresh earthiness of unaged Rhum Agricole.


The rum is warm on the nose with tropical fruits, cooked bananas and hints of sweet nutmeg, moist oak, sultanas, dates and honey. There are also faint aromas of grassy sugarcane on the end that add a touch of freshness to the rum.

The palate is light with caramelised sugar notes with touches of toffee, oak chips, and a dusty cacao on the middle of your mouth. This makes way to a subtle sweetness of honey, mixed nuts and a touch of ginger spice.

It’s an easy-drinking, medium-bodied rum that has a short to medium dry finish, with peppers & spice, citrus peel.

Lost Years Arribada Cask Aged



Lost Years Arribada is a luxurious blend of fine aged rums from Panama, El Salvador, Venezuela, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Column distilled and tropically aged in white oak barrels for up to eight years, the result is a wonderfully mellow, warm and naturally spicy Latin American rum which can be sipped neat or enjoyed any way you like it. Dry and oaky in finish, it’s already proving a big hit with whisky and bourbon drinkers! 

Arribada – Spanish for ‘arrival by sea’ – is the name given to the mass sea turtle nesting events that take place on Latin American beaches each year.


This light bodied Latin American rum has delicate aromas of tropical fruit, bananas, pineapple and sweet spices. As it gets warmer you feel more of the of dried fruit sprinkled with nutmeg, vanilla, crème brulee and a dusting of oak wood.  

On the palate, the entry is fruity, bright and medium sweet, but then fades quickly leaving light tannins of lime peel, green apples, pears, and a touch of mint, with the light wood remaining from the nose.

The finish is a short, but ends with citrus peel, peppers & dried spices in the middle and on the sides of your palate.

Flor de Cana 7



The strongest rum in the Lost Years range, Navy Strength is bottled at a formidable 54.5 percent ABV. 

Named ‘Master’ in the white overproof category of the Rum & Cachaca Masters 2021 Competition, this top-of-its-class unaged rum is a potent yet gloriously smooth tropical rum which makes the perfect base for numerous cocktails. 

A pure, unaged blend of traditional column still rum from Jamaica, married with a high-ester pot still rum from one of the most revered distilleries in Barbados, Navy Strength is a punchy unaged rum with the natural sweetness of molasses. 


Lost Years Navy Strength is floral rum which delivers layers of tropical fruit. The pineapples, green banana, citrus oils and sweet molasses are quite pronounced in this bottling.

On the palate the natural sweetness of the rum really shines through. Sugarcane molasses flavours, candied pineapple, boiled pear drops & banana sweets, combine with a sweet liquorice and aniseed tingle.

The extra alcohol leaves a sweet peppery burn on the finish, with a touch of lemon & lime peel.

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